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Ielts Speaking A time you lost something

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I’d like to tell you about a time I lost my purse a couple of years ago and was fortunate enough to get it back.

When I was in my last year at university, my dad suddenly fell ill and had to go through an emergency surgery. Upon hearing the news, I immediately caught a taxi to the hospital and hurried inside. While I was waiting outside the operation room, I got a call from an unknown number. Normally, if I’m not expecting anyone, I would never answer strangers but this time, I had gut feelings I should. I picked up the phone and it was a middle-aged women. She said she found a purse at the hospital gate with a birthday card inside and my number was on it. That’s why she could reach me. I looked inside my bag and truly, my purse wasn’t there. I must have dropped it when paying for the taxi ride. I run to the gate and the lady gave it back to me after asking me countless questions to make sure it’s mine. Needless to say I was so thrilled. The purse contained my ID card, student card and quite a lot of cash I carried just in case we had to pay extra fee for my dad’s operation. The birthday card was given by a close friend of mine long ago. I put it in the purse because the message written on it were so special and encouraging. I had no idea why my number was on it. Perhaps, I had written it down in order to remember it.

I am forever grateful to that old lady for her incredible kindness. She has saved my life once since that purse meant a lot to me.

IDIOMS: have gut feelings  /  had no idea   /   mean a lot to me

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