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Ielts Speaking A time you got bored

Ielts Speaking Cue Card A time you were with people and got bored – Sample Answer in Ielts Speaking Book by Duong Vu – Bộ Đề Dự Đoán Ielts Speaking Quý 1 2020

I guess everyone must struggle with boredom at some points in their life. I have. It’s such an uneasy feeling, but somehow it has changed my life, for the better. Let me tell you about a time I got fed up with my job a couple of years ago.

Back then, I was working for a travel agent and my major responsibility was booking services for confirmed tours. At first, the job was fascinating and payment was attractive. However, the longer I held that position, the less motivated I became.

The other day, I got to the office as usual. After saying Hi to my co-workers and making myself a cup of coffee, I went straight to my desk and turned on my computer, all automatically like a robot. When I opened my unread emails with all sorts of troubles and complaints, however, I suddenly felt as if all my energy was drained out. Everything became blurry and I tried to concentrate but in vain. My eyes just refused to look at the screen. I had no idea what was wrong with me. I looked around the room. Everyone was going about their work. All of a sudden, I realized I had been working in the same room, seeing the same faces and handling the same tasks for too long. I found myself getting stuck in a dead-end job, doing those boring stuffs days in days out. My professional life had been at a standstill with no career prospect to look forward to. I decided to quit that job two weeks later and glad I did. I am much happier at my current job.

IDIOMS: dead-end job   /  days in days out  /   in vain  /  had no idea  /  all of a sudden  /  at a standstill

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