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Ielts Speaking A time you first met someone

Cue card A time you first met someone – Sample Band 8 from Ielts Speaking Book by Dương Vũ – Full Sample 3 Parts + Hướng dẫn trả lời chi tiết part 1, 2, 3 bản update quý mới :

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I’d like to tell you about my special encounter with a well-known public speaker of Vietnam several years ago.

It was a summer afternoon and I was on my way back to the campus after finishing my part-time work. When I was turning onto the familiar street where my campus is based, I saw an old man waving at me. He had a warm and friendly smile, and looked like someone I know. I pulled over and he asked if I could give him a lift to Foreign Trade University, my university of course. He told me he just got off the bus and intended to walk but realized he was running late. I said “yes” and he climbed onto the back seat. We chatted enthusiastically about student life for the whole trip. He kept praising my school, its modern facilities and its brilliant students. When I dropped him off, he asked me if by any chance I knew who he was. Totally, I got confused and didn’t know how to answer. I was sure I knew him but just couldn’t recall his name. He laughed out loud and said he was Mr. Duong Trung Quoc. Then, he thanked me over and over for helping him to arrive on time for his talk at my school. I thought to myself how come I didn’t recognize him, a renowned speaker with more than one hundred thousands of followers on Facebook. I am a big fan of him too and even wished to meet him in person the other day. What a coincidence!

I felt like walking on air throughout that day after meeting him by chance and even being able to help him. Sometimes a little thing we do can mean so much to others like that.

IDIOMS: running late   /  over and over   /   a big fan of   /  walk on air  /  by chance

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