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Ielts Speaking A Polite Person

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Well, the first person who came to my mind when I saw this topic is my father. He has been my ultimate role model for exemplary behaviours and remained the one I would turn to for advice.

When I was little, I was extremely close to my dad, following him around all the time. He taught me valuable moral lessons, especially how to become a well-mannered individual. Every weekend, my younger brother and I would go to our family farm to help out with simple chores such as growing and watering vegetables or picking ripe fruit. Of course, my dad had never forgotten to say thank you when we were able to lend him a hand. Although he set very high expectations of us, he has never scolded us or said any unkind words when we made mistakes or performed poorly at school. Particularly, he always asks my mom for her opinions on all our family matters, no matter how big or  small they are. Dad is considerate and courteous to not only his loved ones but also all our neighbours and strangers. He has tried to teach us through setting a good example himself. I’m forever grateful for his effort to provide for our family and at the same time spend sufficient time with us to make sure we are well-brought-up.

No doubt, my dad is very strict but at the same time he has a great sense of humour. Also, he is super optimistic. I’ve never heard him complaining about anything. His words are always gentle and encouraging as he has utmost respect for others’ feelings. He is absolutely a joy to be around. Hopefully, I’ll become a great parent like him in the future.

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