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Ielts Speaking A Person with Interesting Ideas Opinions

Ielts Speaking A person who has interesting ideas or opinions – Sample by cô Dương Vũ 8.5 Ielts.

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I’d like to talk about Taylor Swift, one of the best artists of the last decade. She is known for her unique songwriting methods and brilliant lyric ideas. She’s sold millions of albums around the world and her songs have touched millions of people across the globe.

Taylor Swift has a gift for storytelling. More than 60 songs have been written by herself. The way she writes has been the same since she was 12 years old writing songs in her room. She often finds musical inspiration from everyday life. It’s usually something she’s going through at the time, which explains why her songs are so relatable and captivating.

She once revealed her songwriting secrets in an award acceptance speech. She said that her writing style was very spontaneous and all her great songs were crafted with a surge of inspiration or a spark of an idea. 

I really admire her, for not only her phenomenal success but also her amazing personality. Despite being constantly in the spotlight, she is very humble, down to earth and friendly to her fans. I have been listening to her music for over 10 years and it has had profound impacts on me. I’ve learned from her that if we are truly passionate about what we do, we will become more creative and productive.

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