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Ielts Speaking A country you would like to visit

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Sample Answer Ielts Speaking part 2: A country you would like to visit (by Duong Vu:

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There are several countries on my bucket list but Japan has always been the most fascinating destination. With unique culture and amazing technological advancement, the land of the rising sun never ceases to amaze me.

I have loved Japan since I was little, perhaps at 7 or 8. I first got interested in its culture when I came into contact with Manga and Anime. The colourful and magic worlds in manga series such as Doraemon and Dragon Ball have become an indispensable part of my childhood. Then I started to delve into (explore) Japanese traditions, customs, architecture, food and art. And I was captivated, not only by its rich cultural heritage but also by its modern way of life. It seems to me that Japanese people have taken everything to a whole new level. The way they treat each other with utmost kindness and politeness and the way they make cooking a refined art have led me to believe that Japan is truly one of a kind. It is so distinctive and sometimes a little bit weird, but in a fantastic way.

Another reason why I’m dying to see Japan with my own eye is because of its cutting edge technology and innovation. Japan has been a leading innovator in the world for several decades. I’ve been a loyal fan of Japanese electrical devices and gadgets as they are durable, safe and super easy to handle. Having watched countless movies and documentaries about life in Japan, I think this futuristic country is absolutely well worth exploring and living, even if it’s just for a short while as I know how expensive it can be.

Overall, Japan has always been an endless source of fascination and creativity for me. There are so many stereotypes and myths about this country and I hope I’ll be able to set foot on it one day to discover the land in real life.

IDIOMS: my bucket list / one of a kind  /  for a short while

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