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Ielts Speaking A beautiful Sky

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Well, my childhood memories are filled with spectacular images of the sky. Actually, I consider it a lifelong friend because wherever I go, it’ll always be with me. Growing up in the countryside with amazing sunset and sunrise all year round, I used to take the beauty of nature for granted. Then, one day I looked up at a star-lit sky and all of a sudden, I realized heaven was right up there.

That night I just had an argument with my dad about my future career so I got extremely angry and frustrated. Whenever feeling upset, I would climb on the rooftop of my house where I could sit and watch the sky in solitude. So tired, I lied down and immediately saw a stunning sky opening up immensely above me. It just took my breath away. Never in my life, had I seen such a surreal, another-worldly scene. The sky looked like an enormous painting with a black silk canvas and billions of sparkling stars on it. They were all twinkling as if they were smiling to cheer me up. There was neither cloud nor fog that night so I could easily spot the Milky Way and several constellations with naked eyes.

After gazing at the stars and dreaming away for 2 hours, I started to feel cold as it was almost mid-night. I was about to come down and suddenly there was a meteor flashing through the sky, just in a blink of an eye. I remembered my sister once told me if I made a wish at the same time I saw a meteor, it would definitely come true. So I did, and you know what, my wish really came true later. I was so thrilled. Since that day my view of the sky has been completely changed. It has become my dearest friend, my lucky charm and also my sacred source of power.

IDIOMS: Take …for granted /  In a blink of an eye/  Lucky charm

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