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Ielts Essay Space Exploration Band 8

Some people think that the amount of money spent on space exploration is not justifiable. It should be spent on other problems in the world. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Countries and corporations around the world have been investing handsomely on space exploration. It is argued by some that this investment can not be justified and should be diverted to addressing more pressing problems facing the world. I agree with this assertion and this essay will elaborate on my reasons.

Admittedly, space research might provide answers to a number of challenges faced with humankind. It could help tackle the problem of dwindling resources around the globe by finding alternative sources in the universe. It may also discover another inhabitable planet, which would be critical in case of an existential threat on earth.

However, I believe the enormous costs of space exploration are unjustifiable. Countries such as the US and Russia have invested in space programs such as launching state-of-the-art rockets and spaceships (spacecrafts) into space for nearly a century. Yet, the outcomes achieved so far seem vague and rather limited in terms of addressing major issues of the world. It might take several other hundreds of years to reach such a monumental discovery if any. In the meantime, millions of people across the globe are suffering from and dying of  air pollution, hunger and poverty. If economically advanced nations diverted a fraction of ….

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