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Ielts Essay people expect to get things instantly

Nowadays people expect to get things such as news, products and services instantly and do not want to wait. What are the reasons? Is this a positive or negative development?


In recent years, life has become increasingly fast-paced in most parts of the world. People are inclined to get things, including news, products and services instantly and cannot wait. This phenomenon is mainly attributed to technological development and I consider it an unwelcome trend. 

Unquestionably, technological advancement is a major factor in creating a fast-paced world. Automation has massively reduced the amount of time needed for numerous activities from production, transportation to communication. For instance, it used to take several days or even months to send letters to those living far away but now people can send and receive messages immediately with just a smartphone connected to the Internet. Consequently, people have become accustomed to instant things such as fast-food, fast fashion and latest news, and they expect everything else to be done or delivered at the same speed. Additionally, technology has made life much more diverse and complex with a plethora of options. People now tend to follow a hectic lifestyle simply because there are so many activities to fit in a day from work and study to recreation and entertainment. With a packed schedule, they have no choice but to rush things and avoid waiting.

Admittedly, the inclination towards a fast-paced life might make certain individuals or businesses, especially technology companies, become more innovative. However, I believe in the long run, this tendency has many detrimental effects on the majority of people. Firstly, it gives rise to the addiction to instant gratification and reduced concentration. Since people are unwilling to wait, they tend to indulge themselves in short-term enjoyable activities rather than sticking to a long-term plan. For instance, young people often get distracted by social media and spend hours browsing the latest content on these platforms rather than study. This might hinder their productivity as well as their personal development. Secondly, the obsession with speed may lead to chronic stress. People constantly worry that they are not fast enough and constantly push themselves. This restless lifestyle is deemed a major culprit of serious mental conditions such as anxiety disorder and depression. Finally, the accelerated pace of life in modern society might take a huge toll on the environment. The faster new products are created, the sooner the old ones are thrown away, placing a huge burden on the earth. The fast fashion industry, for instance, is generating  nearly a hundred million tonnes of discarded garments every year, not to mention its production waste.    

In conclusion, technological advancement has made people become obsessed with fastness and they want to get new things instantly, which I believe is an undesirable trend.

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