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Ielts Essay Math and Business Band 8.0

The only way to succeed in business is to be good at math. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Huong lam: Disagree – Counter Argument (it is not the only way to …)

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It is sometimes argued that being good at math is a prerequisite for business success. While I agree that math proficiency can enable business people to acquire various beneficial skills, I would argue that excellent mathematical ability is the only key to building a thriving business.

 Admittedly, excellent mathematical skills can contribute substantially to the success of business people. Performing well at arithmetic, geometry, statistics and algorithms can foster analytical and logical thinking, which might make a person an outstanding problem solver. In addition, managing a business involves various tasks, many of which are number-related such as budget forecasting or reading financial statements. Without basic math skills, business owners would find it hard to handle these tasks themselves when they start their business or supervise the work of their employees.

However, I believe that business people are not required to possess exceptional mathematical ability. Business owners can find capable people or cutting-edge technologies based on artificial intelligence to perform calculating and analyzing tasks for them so that they can focus on what they do best. …

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