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Ielts Essay Cosmetic Surgery Band 8 9

Nowadays, many people have plastic surgeries in order to improve their lives. Why do they choose these operations? Do you think this is a positive or a negative development?


In recent years, demand for cosmetic surgery has been increasing steeply across the globe. This phenomenon is mainly attributed to the rise of popular culture and the prevalence of social media. While individuals have every right to their bodies, I incline to the view that this is an undesirable development.

The underlying reason behind this trend is probably the obsession with the so-called perfect beauty of popular culture icons. Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie  and Tom Cruise can exert enormous influence on their devoted fans who desperately want to look like them. Since the images of these high-profile personalities in the media are often retouched by computer software to make them look more glamorous, people tend to worship unrealistic beauty standards that can only be reached through surgical operations. In addition, social media have also greatly boosted the demand for plastic surgeries over the last decades. Those with striking physical appearance can easily become influencers on Facebook or Instagram and earn lucrative income. Indeed, people increasingly place a greater emphasis on their looks and being attractive can give them a definite advantage in life.

From my perspective, however, I believe the growing popularity of cosmetic surgeries is a worrying trend. Although people undergoing these operations might better their lives, they may also have to face numerous challenges. Firstly, plastic surgeries might lead to severe health complications during and after the operations. Secondly, these procedures tend to be expensive while their results are not lasting. This means that people would still have to pay a great deal of money to maintain their looks and sustain their body confidence. Above all, I firmly believe cosmetic surgery only deepens insecurity about physical appearance among people, especially those who cannot afford it. They tend to …

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