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Ielts Essay Businesses Move to Rural Areas Band 8

As transport and accommodation problems are increasing in big cities, some governments are encouraging businesses to move to rural areas. Do you think the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

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Body1: Admittedly, moving large corporations and factories to rural areas can offer dazzling benefits

  • Most people migrate to urban areas in search of employment opportunities, which means that they would be willing to relocate if their job demands  => family relocating => reduce population density in major cities
  • Economic disparity between urban and rural areas would be lessened

Body 2: However, this policy might disrupt economic activities and people’s lives.

  • Many companies need a huge number of urban customers to thrive (ex: banking sector) => relocating might halt their operations and hinder their growth.
  • Increased costs of goods and materials’ transportation
  • Many people would be reluctant to relocate due to a higher standard of living in big cities => they might choose to commute instead, which would lead to increased demand for transportation and a waste of time
  • Even if they did relocate, rural areas with the most successful corporations, and thus the most opportunities would start attracting an influx of new residents and consequently become urbanized.

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