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Ielts Essay band 8 Juvenile Crime

Young people who commit crimes should be treated the same way as adults. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Hướng làm: Disagree – Counter-argument 

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Admittedly, punishments for serious crimes committed by youth should not be too lenient

  • The law should treat all crimes in the same way regardless of the offenders’ age
  • Punishment fails to act as a powerful deterrent against crimes if it is not harsh enough
  • Adolescents are not reluctant to commit violent crimes, even murders, because they know they will not be sentenced to death or life in prison

However, I believe juvenile offenders should not be punished in the same way as grown-up ones

  • Recent research has found that the rational part of adolescents’ brain is not fully developed, and thus they should not be fully responsible for their  offenses
  • Juveniles might be susceptible to negative influence when serving a sentence in adult prisons and are more likely to reoffend
  • Re-education and re-socialisation would be more appropriate and effective for youngsters than harsh punishment
  • Their mind-set can be reformed easily and they have a long life ahead to serve society as contributing citizens
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