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Ielts Essay band 8 Food Waste

In many countries, people throw away a lot of food that was bought from restaurants and shops. (Phạm vi đề chỉ là Food waste bởi người tiêu dùng)

Why do you think people waste food in this way?

What can be done to reduce the amount of food being thrown away?

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In recent years, there has been mounting concern over food waste, a huge challenge facing many nations. Households around the world are throwing away a massive quantity of food, most of which is perfectly edible. This essay will explore the major causes of this and then outline some viable remedies.

Considering firstly the reasons, rising consumer purchasing power and overproduction of food are probably key factors. Rapid economic growth has drastically raised the standard of living in almost every country. Today’s buyers can afford a wider variety of food, including exotic types that may not actually up to their taste and consequently end up in landfills. Besides, due to their hectic lifestyle, they tend to purchase groceries in large quantities just for convenience and without any specific meal plans, resulting in an enormous amount of unused or spoiled food. Added to that, food manufacturers across the globe have been expanding their capacities and deploying advanced technologies to boost productivity. A range of essential foods are now widely available at low prices, and therefore consumers can justify letting food go to waste.

With regard to possible solutions, coordinated efforts of individuals, businesses and governments are required to reduce food waste. It is imperative that local authorities run mass media campaigns to raise public awareness of food overbuying’s damaging impact. This might encourage individuals to not only cease this ingrained shopping habit but also be more active in educating their children about sustainable eating. Another immediate response is for households to find more efficient solutions to their leftovers. For instance, they can donate their excess foods to deprived people or compost food craps instead of throwing them away. Finally, food manufacturers should shift their focus from improving output to enhancing quality, especially their products’ shelf life. They can also consider providing smaller portion sizes and incorporating practical tips for greener disposing of food on their packaging.

In conclusion, increased buying power and mass production of low-cost foods might be the underlying causes of household food waste. This pressing issue can be effectively addressed if individuals, businesses and governments take urgent actions to end unsustainable food consumption.


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