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Ielts Essay Band 8 Crime Technology

Some people think that the development of technology can reduce crime while others think that technology contributes to the increase of crime. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Public surveillance cameras have been used widely to discourage criminals, prevent crime and ensure public security

Most of traffic violations such as speeding and red light running are automatically recorded by the system

CCTV cameras make it much easier for investigators to collect sufficient evidence

Rapid development in digital technology, especially the Internet, allows authorities to uncover criminal plans online

Drones and data mapping techniques can effectively aid police in chasing down criminals and investigating crime scene

Face recognition software using artificial intelligence have facilitated the identification of suspects

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Advanced technology might give rise to entirely new types of criminal activities such as cybercrime

Purchase scams and fraudulent financial schemes are becoming prevalent on the Internet

Cutting-edge technologies could result in increasingly sophisticated crimes that are difficult to track and curb

It is almost impossible for any government to fully control the virtual world due to its vastness and anonimity

The popularity of mobilephone and social media might fuel crimes targeted at young people

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