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Ielts Essay Advertising Topic Band 8

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Sample: sách hướng dẫn viết luận band cao Ielts Writing by Dương Vũ 8.0 Writing, một cuốn sách cô đọng, tiết kiệm, hiệu quả cho các bạn tự học bao gồm hướng dẫn viết luận chi tiết theo dạng bài, ideas, Topic vocab, cấu trúc ngữ pháp band cao và nhiều bài mẫu band 8.0 – 9.0:

Topic 1: Advertising discourages people from being different individuals by making them want to be and to look the same. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Hướng làm: Disagree – có dùng Counter-argument

Admittedly, advertising can have significant impact on a large number of people


  • be exposed to ubiquitous advertisements from TV commercials to website banners on a daily basis.
  • advertisements use celebrity endorsement => people want to have the same glamorous lifestyle => want to be: rich, famous, successful=> consumerism => buy more material items => to show off their economic status and to keep up with the trends => example: cars/ smartphone…
  • due to these adverts, … want to have the same appearance as their role model: follow the same fashion styles/ trends: clothes, makeup, hair style …

However, I believe many people are not influenced by advertising and thus are able to maintain their uniqueness

  • old people place a great deal of importance / significance on traditions (traditional culture/ lifestyle) => have no desires to become trendy or glamorous (example: coffee culture: Starbucks and traditional coffee shops in Vietnam)
  • those who have a strong personality , follow/ pursue a unique lifestyle that is different from the mainstream one. Example: many young people value experiences over material possessions and they … instead of buying …  Ex 2:  some people embrace a simple lifestyle (simple living) / maintain a relaxed lifestyle rather than follow materialism

Topic 2: If a product is of good quality and meets people’s needs, people will buy it. Advertising is unnecessary and is no more than a type of entertainment. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 

Hướng Làm: Partly Agree – có dùng Counter-argument

  • Quality: word-of-mouth recommendations: if people are satisfied with a product or service, they will recommend their family and friends to buy (ex: phở Thìn (Thin Pho Noodle Shop / Iphone…)
  • For entertainment only: Disagree: educational value => (1) governments’ advertising campaigns to raise public awareness of unhealthy or healthy lifestyles. For example, … educate people about the dangers of smoking or drunk driving  / (2) necessary:  For newly-opened businesses, advertising helps increase their brand awareness, resulting in increased sales and profit over a shorter duration of time => stand a better chance of becoming successful

Topic 3: Age is the most important factor that influences shopping behavior. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Ideas: income, gender, needs and preferences

IDEAS ABOUT ADVERTISING TOPICS (MụcIdeas for 150 Topics : Ielts Writing Book 8.0 by Dương Vũ):


Advertising is an integral part of a successful business 

Advertisements allow businesses to reach potential customers and increase brand awareness

They inform consumers of better choices available on the market

Advertising and related industries such as media and printing generate a large number of jobs 

Without advertising, there would be higher unemployment

Some creative commercials are entertaining and educational 


Advertising often tries to manipulate people and provide misleading information 

Adverts usually involve celebrity endorsement to influence young people

People might buy products they do not need or cannot afford just to keep up with the trends

This can lead to overconsumption, unwanted financial burdens on individuals and increased waste 

Advertisements might target at children who then put pressure on their parents to buy them things


Advertising should be strictly regulated by laws

Advertisements aimed at children should be banned on all platforms, including TV, radio, the Internet and social media

Toxic (unhealthy) products such as tobacco and alcohol should not be advertised 


ADVERTISING & CHILDREN (negative implications of advertising on children)

Children are easily attracted and persuaded by advertisements and may pester their parents to buy the products advertised on TV and social media 

Adverts of foods and drinks that contain a high level of sugar might contribute to child obesity

Children often fail to distinguish between commercials and actual TV programs 

Children might be unaware that items featured in these adverts cost money which their parents have to work hard to earn.

Advertising gives children the illusion that they can have anything they want without making any effort

Some countries have banned advertising targeted at young children

Advertisements should encourage children to consume only healthy foods and drinks

It should be illegal to feature children’s favourite film heroes and cartoon characters in adverts

Advertising should promote creativity and values such as courage, honesty and friendship instead of encouraging consumerism



FOR (sports)

Free state-of-the-art training equipment and gears

Greater funding for professional athletes => focus more on their training

Increase publicity for young sports talents 


Sports might be commercialized

Companies might have a say over the organization of such events

Advertisements of unhealthy products such as fast food or tobacco …

Dishonest practices of the sponsoring company might have adverse impacts on the sponsored player or team and vice versa…

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