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House Topic Ielts Speaking Part 3

Ielts Speaking Part 3 House Topic – Sample Answer by Duong VuIelts Speaking Book by Duong Vu:

  • What kinds of accommodation are common in Vietnam?

Basically, there are two types of accommodation in Vietnam: private house and apartments. The first is more popular in the countryside or some affluent suburban areas. The latter is increasingly common in major cities due to their affordable prices and high demand.


  • Do young people prefer to live in apartments or in a detached (private) house? Why?

The way I see it, most of them don’t get to choose where they live. I mean this is not a matter of preference. Due to budget constraint, they have to stick to the most feasible option they can afford. For most young adults in Vietnam, it is sharing a rental apartment. But of course, they would all love to have their own house as they could enjoy more freedom and privacy. They just have no choice, really.


  • Are housing designs in different parts of your country the same? Why ?

Definitely not. Vietnam’s topography and climate are varied from north to south and so are its housing styles. In flat areas, people usually live in cottages or concrete tube houses while in central highlands, stilt houses are more common. This has resulted in fascinating cultural diversity I find this truly fascinating because

Advantages & Disadvantages of BUYING OR RENTING A HOUSE:


Seems more affordable and economical in the short term

Helps people avoid unwanted debt & unnecessary stress

People don’t have to pay a fortune to get a place to live and therefore have more money to spend on recreation and education

Renting is more flexible in terms of relocation or downsizing (moving to another place for work or for cheaper rent)

The tenant is not responsible for repairs and maintenance.


Home owners have absolute freedom to renovate and decorate their houses the way they want.

People can truly enjoy the ultimate comfort and privacy that a permanent home offers

Owning a house is considered a symbol of success

The property can be a smart investment when its price rises

Unlike tenants, householders cannot be asked to move out of their places and do not have to worry about monthly rental fees => possibly enjoy higher quality of life

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