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Conversation Topic Ielts Speaking Part 3

Ielts Speaking Part 3 Conversation – Talking Topic Sample Answers by Duong Vu 8.5 Ielts :

  • Are there any differences between men and women’s favourite topics?

There must be. The way I see it, men tend to enjoy talking about cars, watches and sports while women prefer topics related to beauty, fashion, weight loss or raising children. That’s why publishers need to make different magazines for male and female readers I think.

  • What is the difference between talking over the phone and face to face conversation?

While talking on the phone is more convenient, in-person conversations seem more efficient and productive in terms of getting the message across. It might be a bit difficult to convey a full range of emotions when conversing through an electronic device because words and intonation are the only means. By contrast, with face to face communication, people can use eye contact, facial expression and body gestures to make sure their verbal and non-verbal messages are correctly perceived. That’s why misunderstanding is less likely to happen when people meet and talk in person.

(in person = face to face/ get the message across = communicate successfully)

  • Is body language important?

Definitely. It is an integral part of our daily communication and also a universal language in itself. In a face to face conversation, non-verbal communication might convey even much more meaning than words. For example, the expression on a person’s face, especially their eye movements, can help determine if they are trustworthy or not. I believe paying attention to non-verbal signals is equally important as listening carefully.


  • Why do some people get nervous when they give presentations?

Well, I guess most people get nervous the first time they speak in public. Over time and with practice, some can improve their presentation skill and come to enjoy it while others always detest it. I believe this has nothing to do with their personalities or whether they are introverts or extroverts. It is just that they don’t make sufficient effort to practice hard and improve their public speaking ability.

  • Do you think visual aids are important in giving presentations?

Absolutely. Visual aids go hand in hand with excellent public speaking skill in delivering a memorable presentation. Colourful images, video clips, graphs and charts can capture audience’s attention as well as illustrate key points and complex relationship between data more effectively. Without visual aids, presentations would be extremely boring and unconvincing. It’s thus essential to incorporate visual aids in any presentations.

  • Can humour be used in presentations?

Sure, and it can be a powerful tool for presentation if applied appropriately. A smile can warm up the atmosphere, bring people closer and make the audience more receptive to the message. Almost all popular speakers possess a good sense of humour besides their impeccable public speaking skills. The ability to make the audience laugh naturally and effortlessly do give them a definite advantage.

  • Can humour have negative effects in presentations?

Yes, they can. As I mentioned humour should be incorporated into speeches with great care. Otherwise, it may have counter-productive effects and put the speaker at risk of becoming a ridiculous clown. Not everyone is born with a talent to entertain others. A joke may sound funny in a certain culture but appear to be offensive in another. Also, humour would be inappropriate for a formal business presentation in which the partners meet for the first time.

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