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An environmental protection law


An environmental protection law your country should have

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Right, I guess I should start by stating  what the law I’d like to be imposed is. I wish the government would ban the supply and use of disposable plastics such as shopping bags, food containers and coffee cups that have been damaging our ecosystem for years.

Actually, I myself hadn’t been aware of this burning issue until I got into university. The other day, while scrolling my Facebook newsfeed, I came across a viral picture of a pregnant whale that died tragically of an unknown reason. When scientists cut open her womb, they found her poor baby and nearly a hundred pounds of plastic debris in her stomach. I was devastated by that horrifying story and since that day I’ve been saying “No” to single-use plastics altogether.

Unfortunately, not all people in Vietnam are conscious of this huge problem. Most of them seem too occupied with earning a comfortable life to pay attention to anything else. Even if they do, they are reluctant to give up the convenience these items offer. Entrenched habits die hard you know. Without stricter laws and harsher punishments, I believe they would continue to throw away tons of plastic trash every day. I do hope policy makers will take immediate actions to address this massive environmental challenge soon. 

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