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A time you were friendly to someone you dont like

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(gộp topic Teamwork hoặc friends argued quý 2 hoặc A time you helped/ shared ST with a friend)

Vì làm chung nhóm teamwork nên phải be kind:

When and where it happened

Why you don’t like him/her

Why you were friendly to them

This topic reminds me of a time I lent an annoying friend a helping hand. It was a group assignment for our Marketing course in the last semester. Our class was divided into 10 teams to make presentations on the “International Marketing Strategy” module. Each group was assigned with a case study, a country, and ours was Columbia.

It was tough for me, really. The country was completely unfamiliar, preparation time was short and on top of that, one of the team member was the one I hated the most in my class. I rarely hanged out with her because she was so self-conceited, always acting like she was superior to others.

However, since we only had 5 days left, the team leader couldn’t just sit still. He persuaded both of us to let go of our prejudice and be more tolerant of each other. I backed down and tried to be kind to her by allowing her to select the easier tasks and I would take care of the rest, which were obviously tougher. I even shared with her valuable books and articles I found.

Eventually, the big day came; it was time to shine and we did. Our group was awarded the most outstanding presentation by both our lecturer and other classmates. I was so proud of what I did. I’ve realized that it’s crucial to leave our ego at home when working in teams.

IDIOMS: lend someone a helping hand.

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