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A time you spent more money than expected

A time you spent more money on something than you expected/ planned – gộp vào đề A home equipment quý trước

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Well, this topic reminded me of a time I overspent on a Japanese rice cooker a couple of years ago. Initially, my budget for it was 1 million dongs only but I ended up spending 5 times more.

As my old cooker broke down, I went to a nearby mall searching for a replacement. I was captivated by this model at first sight. It looked completely different from those made in Vietnam. Its cooking bowl was super heavy with a thick bottom. I had no idea what kind of metal it’s made of but it appeared to be durable. I was startled when glancing at its price tag: five million dongs. I could buy 5 Vietnamese rice cookers for that amount. Still, I decided to take it despite going over my budget.

I’m glad I made that decision. This upscale cooker is well worth the money. Rice cooked by it is way more fluffy and tasty than what my old ones offered. Besides, it has a monitor screen which allows me to choose various cooking options rather than just a single button as seen in usual rice cookers. It is accompanied by a separate tray for steaming sticky rice, a critical festive food in Vietnam. This is extremely convenient and economical since I don’t need to squander my hard-earned money on another steamer.

Overall, this handy rice cooker is absolutely something I can’t live without. It has made my life so much easier and more pleasant. I will definitely choose the same model again without a second thought.


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