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A time you got lost

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Well, I’m the type of person who can easily get lost even in just a tiny little town. I struggle with navigating ways in unfamiliar places all the time. So, let me tell you about the most recent time I got lost.

A couple of months ago, I took a trip to Hanoi Old Quarter to practice my photography skill. This area is a renowned cultural heritage site with hundreds of historical houses, making it an ideal destination for those who wish to step back in time. I spent the whole afternoon strolling around and doing some window shopping. After taking countless photos from all possible angles, I decided to return to Hoan Kiem Lake, my starting point, for sunset shooting.

On the way out, however, I took the wrong turn and got lost in the maze of identical lanes. I realised I was just going in a circle and got frustrated. I sensed something wrong and asked a local for directions. He told me I should have taken the second turn on the left, not the first one. I had no idea how I could forget such a simple thing. However, this was the first time I realized that getting lost can actually be a blessing in disguise. I discovered a new restaurant in this area which serves amazing chicken noodle, truly a rewarding experience.

IDIOMS: step back in time/ have no idea

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