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A Time You Came Close To A Wild Animal

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This topic reminded me of my unforgettable encounter with a wild monkey. A couple of months ago, my family went on a vacation in Nha Trang, a summer holiday paradise in the South Central Vietnam, renowned  for its stunning white sand beaches.

We spent the first day on the beach, swimming, sunbathing and savouring delicious seafood. On the second day, we  took a boat trip to an island named after its major residents, wild monkeys, which I thought must be exhilarating. To my surprise, the monkeys are not native to this island. They had been brought here by Soviet Union experts for scientific research long ago. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the delegation returned home, and as a result, these monkeys were abandoned. They live in the island’s forest and grow up to thousands. Most of the monkeys are not very big, just the size of a three or four-year-old.

When we arrived, I found many sitting on the ground or trees near the wharf; some females were carrying children on their backs or caressing them. I approached a group of cute little monkeys which appeared to be friendly and gentle. At first, they showed no interest but as I came closer and waved at them with my sunglasses, one suddenly jumped towards me. I screamed and ran for my life while others were laughing at my own expense. I thought he was going to attack but the guide then told me he chased after me just for food coz I was carrying a handbag.

I was scared to death and since that incident I promised myself that I would never come close to a wild animal again. Better safe than sorry.

Idiom: run for SO’s life = To run as fast as one can when being in a dangerous situation/

Laugh at someone’s expense = laugh / make jokes in a way that embarrasses someone

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