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A puzzle crossword you played

A puzzle (jigsaw or crossword) you played

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Well, this topic reminded me of a quiz show I was crazy about when I was a teen. It is called “Duoi hinh bat chu”, meaning a picture-based word guessing game. I’m not sure whether the programme is still being broadcast, yet back then, it was all the rage.

To be more specific, the game consisted of 3 rounds and had 2 contestants. In the first round, random themes were chosen but the second round was designed with a particular theme. Unlike the first two, the last round wasn’t based on images but featured a crossword and the audience could also participate by texting. The other day, a special episode was produced to celebrate the millennial anniversary of Hanoi and I decided to send my answer. Though I was pretty sure I got it right since the Hanoi Old Quarter theme was my forte (my strength), I hadn’t expected to win. But you know what! I was the first one with the correct answer and got a prize of a few hundred thousand Vietnam dong. This unexpected prize has taught me a precious lesson that everyone can be an expert in something and therefore should always be confident in themselves.

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