Studying Abroad Ielts Essay band 8 2021 - IELTS IDV

Studying Abroad Ielts Essay band 8 2021

Sample Essay from Ielts Writing Task 2 Book – copyright by Dương Vũ – IDV Ielts:

People say that a country will benefit greatly if its students study abroad. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is increasingly common for young people to study overseas these days, which is seen by many as a huge advantage for their home country. I totally agree with this view since their successful pursuit of international education would contribute enormously to economic growth and social progress of their own country.

A fundamental reason for this is that most of these students will return to their homeland and serve in a multitude of local industries, usually in prominent positions. Their fresh mindset and precious experiences accumulated over the years spent in an economically advanced nation are instrumental in developing a highly-skilled workforce for their home country. This would not only boost their nation’s economy but also increase its competitive advantages and attract foreign investments.

Furthermore, students earning their degrees in a developed country may also be a driving force for social advancement of their homeland. Even if they do not major in social sciences, overseas studies would help them and their families become more broadminded. This might promote cross-cultural understanding and tolerance, which is crucial for any nations in the age of global integration. Above all, the trend of studying abroad would create an impetus for change and innovation in the home country’s education system, leading to its sustainable development.

Admittedly, some of these highly-educated students may eventually acquire permanent residency, exacerbating the brain drain problem in developing countries. This, however, seems unavoidable and also insignificant. The majority of them would come back as they can not leave their family behind or as required by scholarship programs granted by the government or institutions such as Fulbright.

In conclusion, although the increased number of students seeking an education overseas might present certain challenges to their home country, I believe the benefits are far greater. The government should find a way to nurture, attract and retain talents rather than restrict them.


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