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Speaking part 3 Saving Money

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Do you often overspend? (cau hoi phu part 2)

No, I only do so on a handful of items, mostly digital gadgets because I’m not tech savvy. I’ve been taught to live within my means from a very young age.

What do young people spend most of their money on?

I’d say that tuition and course fees account for a major share of young people’s spendings. They need to broaden their horizons and acquire relevant sets of skills so that they can be well-prepared for the future workforce. Additionally, they tend to squander money on trendy foods as well as the latest fashion designs and gadgets to keep up with the trends or simply to express their personality and assert themselves. 

Who are better at saving money? Old people or young people?

When it comes to saving money, I believe old people are wiser than their young counterparts. This is mainly because adults, especially those over 30 have obtained more skills and experiences in both earning money and managing it , with age comes wisdom right?  They know what is well worth their hard-earned income and what isn’t. On top of that, they seem to be far better in long-term planning than the young, which explains why they tend to outdo youngsters in terms of personal finance and thus have larger savings.  (, Which thay cho mệnh đề trước)

Why do you think some people can’t save money? 

To begin with, they might have humble incomes and given the rapidly rising cost of living now, they don’t have much left to save. Besides, there has been an increasing trend of overconsumption over the last decades, causing many people to struggle financially. Consumers tend to splurge on not only necessity goods but also luxury items to keep up with the trends and advertising has constantly encouraged them to buy in excess of their need. Many young women, for instance,  are willing to buy new lipsticks and clothes and throw away their old ones even though they are still perfectly usable, which I think is a huge waste of resources.

What are the effects of this trend?

Without a doubt, overconsumption might have devastating effects on the environment and people’s quality of life. This unsustainable lifestyle contributes significantly to massive waste increase, environmental pollution and resource depletion, which are destroying the earth. On top of that, when people waste money on items they don’t need, they might end up getting into financial trouble like becoming penniless or being in debt. This would take a toll on their well-being and their overall satisfaction with life

Do you think it is important to save money?

Without a doubt, a frugal lifestyle is the key to a balanced and fulfilling life. By saving for rainy days, people can obtain financial stability and security, which is essential to their health. What’s more, when people spend less than they earn, they could invest in business or other money-making tools to gain passive income. This way, they won’t have to work like a beaver their whole life just to make a living. Instead, they can allow themselves to retire early and pursue their passion or hobby.

Who should teach children to save money?

From my perspective, I think it always starts with their parents. Children spend their formative years mainly at home and they tend to absorb life values from adults in their family. If their parents lead a frugal lifestyle, they tend to follow suit. Learning this skill in household settings is also more effective than …

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