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Puzzle Topic Ielts Speaking Part 3

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Puzzles là topic mới của bộ đề Ielts Speaking Forecast quý 2 2021 nên sẽ tiếp tục thi trong Bộ đề Ielts Speaking Forecast quý 3 2021 các bạn nhé:

Why do parents let their children play puzzles?

Well, there could be several reasons but I suppose the most obvious one is that these types of games are fun, relaxing and easily accessible. Puzzles can take various forms and be categorised into multiple levels and themes for children to choose. They don’t cost much and are generally safe for children of all ages to play on their own. Above all, puzzles offer amazing educational benefits. These games can do wonders for players’ mental health, concentration ability and intellectual abilities.

What kinds of puzzles improve people’s intelligence?

I’d say that all of them could boost people’s intellectual capacity one way or another. For example, if children play jigsaws on a regular basis, they may develop better imagination and creativity. Likewise, crosswords and sudoku could help people improve their language and maths skills. Most importantly, all these types of games are designed to sharpen critical thinking and problem-solving skills of players.

Do Vietnamese people like puzzles?

The way I see it, these games used to be more popular a decade ago when the Internet and smart gadgets haven’t been so widely available. In the past, people had limited entertainment options and these paper-based games were all the rage, especially among schoolchildren. Today, puzzles are mostly played on digital devices and fewer people are playing them as they now have a far wider range of fascinating video games to spend their spare time on.

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