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Natural talents Ielts Speaking Part 3

NATURAL TALENTS – Sample Band 8 by Sách Ielts Speaking 8.0 Dương Vũ Full Sample 3 Parts + Hướng dẫn trả lời chi tiết part 1, 2, 3  giúp bạn tự học speaking hiệu quả nhất:

Hướng dẫn chiến lược trả lời Ielts Speaking Part 3 đạt điểm cao

Natural Talent là topic part 3 mới của bộ đề Ielts Speaking Forecast quý 2 2021 nên sẽ tiếp tục thi trong bộ đề Ielts Speaking Forecast quý 3 2021 các bạn nhé.

Do you think artists should focus on their talents only?

Undoubtedly, extraordinary talent is what sets an artist apart from others, and therefore should be given priority. At the same time, they should invest in their education, manners, appearance and interpersonal skills as well. No one would admire artists who are ignorant, cocky, bad-tempered and poorly-dressed no matter how talented they are.

Is it possible to tell whether young children will become good musicians or painters in the future?

That’s an interesting one! Although kids might display early passion and aptitude for a certain artistic field, this might not be sufficient to predict their career prospect. The world is changing so fast and so are people’s interests. What’s more, hard work and rigorous training are essential for talents to flourish. Without continuous practice and persistence, even the most talented artists would never reach real mastery.

Are there many talent shows in Vietnam?

Well, there is quite a wide variety of such shows in Vietnam, catering to audiences of different ages and interests: cooking, dancing, singing, acting, fashion designing, investing, you name it. Surprisingly, they are all equally popular among local viewers. This is mainly because people tend to have enormous respect and admiration for those who’ve worked diligently to nurture their talents and become an expert in their specialised field.

Do you think it is more interesting to watch famous people’s performances than ordinary people’s performances?

That’s a tough question! To be honest this isn’t something I’ve ever considered but I suppose normal people could also deliver an impressive performance like a celebrated artist. Many people are highly talented but haven’t been discovered and trained professionally. The audience might be blown away merely by their raw talents.  That’s why TV shows like America’s Got Talents have been all the rage I believe.

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