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Ielts Speaking Wallet Purse

Ielts Speaking Topic Wallet – Purse Part 1 Sample Band 8

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Do you have a wallet or a purse?

Absolutely. I’ve been using a brown leather purse for almost 3 years. It’s chic, durable, and versatile, truly a must-have for me. I keep all my precious belongings in it, money, my smartphone, keys, credit cards and the like, and carry it with me whenever I go out. 

Do most of your friends use wallets?

They do, at least all the women I know. A purse is no longer merely a money container. It can make an extraordinary fashion accessory and we could stuff (put) an array of our essentials in it, even cosmetics and tissues.

Have you ever lost your wallet?

Yes, I’ve lost quite a few. I used to prefer tiny purses when I was a student and that’s why they could easily fall out of my pockets or be left unnoticed somewhere. Most of them were gone for good but there was one time a kind lady who found my lost purse returned it to me as she found my business card with my number.

Have you ever bought someone a wallet as a gift?

I have. On my younger brother’s 18th birthday, I decided to give him a wallet. He didn’t have one and I couldn’t come up with a more practical idea. Figuring out personal preferences and tastes of other people has always been a real struggle for me.

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