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Ielts Speaking Public Holidays

Does your country have many public holidays?

Well, there are currently 5 public holidays in Vietnam, with 10 days in total. However, some of those days usually fall on weekends and will be observed on the following Monday, which increases the total number of our national off-work days to around 15.

Do you have a favourite holiday?

Definitely. Tet or Lunar New Year Holiday is my all-time favourite. It is the longest and also the most significant one, an ideal opportunity to spend quality time with our families and friends, and to celebrate our traditions.

Do you think there should be more public holidays?

Yes, I wholeheartedly support the idea of adding another public holiday in Vietnam. People are now living a fast-paced and increasingly stressful life. More national off work holidays would be much needed.

What public holidays do you have in your country?

As I mentioned, we have 5 public holidays including the Lunar New Year Holiday, Commemoration Day of Vietnam’s first Kings, Reunification Day, International Labour Day and National Day.

Would you say most people in your country know why you have these holidays?

I guess so. These holidays have been celebrated annually for quite a long time. Also, their names already indicate the reasons so basically, anyone who can read and write would know why.

What do people in your country do during holidays?

Well, some prefer spending that precious time with their families or friends, maybe cooking at home or visiting amusement parks, while others like to go on a vacation with their beloved ones or on their own.

Do you think these holidays are important?

Absolutely. These short breaks from work are perfect opportunities for people to maintain a balanced life and recharge their energy. They will also increase consumer spending and consequently boost the economy.

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