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Ielts Speaking Photograph Topic

Ielts Speaking Part 3 – Taking Photograph Topic & Art – Sample Answers band 8.0 by DUONG VU – IDV: – Learn Ielts Speaking Band 8

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  • Do you think photographers are necessary nowadays?

Well, I believe it is still a popular job and is in high demand though most photographers are just working part time as freelancers. A picture is worth a thousand words, you know. Particularly, photography is becoming increasingly important in fashion, lifestyle, media and entertainment industries. While people usually take it as a hobby or passion, not a way of making a living, it is actually an essential profession that makes our world more fascinating.

  • Is it easy to take good photographs?

Well I believe it requires a great deal of concentration, imagination and creativity to take amazing photos. They must be taken from the right angle and at the right moment to produce special features or to convey significant expressions or messages. And of course, this is no easy task.

  • What are the pros and cons of taking photos by mobile phones?

As I see it, smartphones make it extremely convenient and easy to take pictures, anytime and anywhere. People won’t miss any fantastic moments in life. Unlike complex cameras, phones are super handy to carry around and can be connected to any other digital devices in no time. However, the quality of photos taken by smartphones completely depends on their models and usually are not up to professional standard.

  • Is it important for children to study arts?

Absolutely, arts help nurture children’s creativity & imagination. Creative skill is considered one of the 4 most important qualities young people should have along with collaboration, critical thinking and communication. It leads to fascinating ideas, experiences and innovations. Apart from this, arts foster perseverance and a drive for excellence. These qualities are vital to a fulfilling life.

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