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Ielts speaking part 3 Smart Intelligent Topic


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Do you think people are born smart or they learn to become smart?

That’s a tough question. Without  a doubt, there are prodigies like Mozart who display an incredible level of intelligence and innate gifts at a very young age. However, I’m inclined to believe that people can learn to become smarter. Children, for instance, are vulnerable to tricks or scams because they’re naive but as they get older, they  tend to become shrewd enough to know instantly if something sounds fishy. This is mainly because they’ve learned their lessons.

How can children develop their intelligence? 

Of course, it depends on each child but I suppose the most achievable method is through playing. Games such as sudoku, chess and monopoly can not only help children relax but also sharpen their mental abilities, including critical thinking and problem solving skills. Additionally, formal learning, especially reflective learning might also contribute significantly to kids’ intellectual and emotional intelligence growth.

Why are some people well-rounded while others are good at only one thing?

That’s an interesting one. Obviously I’m not an education expert but I guess the underlying reason is the amount of practice. It’s likely that people who are accomplished at many skills or areas have devoted thousands of hours to practicing each of them. They totally deserve their remarkable accomplishments. Some people, in contrast, can only master one skill or become an expert in one area because they dedicate most of their time to it or simply their time management skill isn’t as effective as that of their high-achieving peers.

Do you think smart people are happier?

Oh well, I tend to have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, those with a sharp mind are more likely to succeed and thus be able to lead a more fulfilling life than others. When they are financially secure, they don’t have to work like beavers every single day. Instead, they can invest time and money in their passions or hobbies, and just have a more contented life. However, remarkably intelligent individuals  tend to isolate themselves or be isolated by others, so they might feel lonely and stressed at times.

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