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Ielts Speaking Part 3 Culture – Cultural Diversity

Where can people in your country meet foreigners? 

Is it easy or difficult to communicate with people from different cultures? 

What are the advantages of cultural diversity? 

What are the disadvantages of cultural diversity? 

Do you think cultural identity is important to a country?

How can traditional (native/ indigenous) culture and multiculturalism coexist in a country?

Ielts Speaking Part 3 Culture – Cultural Diversity – SAMPLES 8.0 FROM IELTS SPEAKING BOOK 8.0 BY DUONG VU QUY 3 2022:

Where can people in your country meet foreigners? 

I suppose the most common places in Vietnam to meet people coming from other countries are renowned tourist destinations such as Hanoi,  Halong Bay, Hoi An or Ho Chi Minh city. Additionally, by working for multinational corporations like P&G or Coca Cola, local people also have several opportunities to meet foreigners. Actually, I think the second option might be better because people can not only meet them but also learn about their culture from daily interactions at work.

Is it easy or difficult to communicate with people from different cultures? 

I reckon that cross-cultural communication is hard to handle, especially for the first time. This is due to the fact that such interactions require not only excellent foreign language skills but also insights into a culture. Non-verbal language, for example, might even contain more meanings than words in some Asian cultures. Striking differences in traditions and beliefs might also present a huge challenge for those who wish to master the art of intercultural communication.

What are the advantages of cultural diversity? 

Without a doubt, culturally diverse countries/ communities tend to be more abundant and dynamic than homogeneous ones. Multiculturalism might promote the understanding and tolerance of different values, beliefs and traditions. In other words, it can make a country a better place to live in and an appealing destination for foreign visitors. Additionally, cultural diversity can dispel negative stereotypes and biases against a certain community/group of people. On top of that, it can foster creative thinking and innovation through adopting new perspectives. The United States, for instance, has enjoyed enormous economic and social progress thanks to its amazingly diverse culture.

What are the disadvantages of cultural diversity? 

Of course, multiculturalism might also have several adverse impacts on individuals and communities. Although people might experience new ways of life such as exotic foods to try, they may also have difficulty integrating into such a diverse society. Social tensions, discriminations and conflicts are also likely to occur due to cultural differences. Not to mention, minority communities might lose their cultural identity when they adopt the values and traditions of the dominant culture in an effort to fit in.

How can traditional (native/ indigenous) culture and multiculturalism coexist in a country?

That’s a tough question. I’m not an expert in this but I reckon that it is crucial for  people living in a heterogeneous society to maintain an open mindset. To achieve this, the authority should organize public awareness campaigns to promote cultural inclusiveness in their society. Individuals, especially those from minority groups, must also strive hard to contribute to the progress of their communities. This way, people from various cultural backgrounds will respect and value each other more, which is a prerequisite for sustainable growth. 

How can people learn about other countries?

Of course, there are various ways to obtain insightful knowledge about another country, including travel guidebooks, TV programmes, YouTube channels and websites. People can now gain valuable insights into another nation without actually setting foot on it. Just type a keyword into Google search box and a wealth of information can be accessed for free. And watching images and video clips online can be exhilarating too.

Is it necessary to travel to another country to learn about their culture?

As I mentioned, people can easily discover an exotic culture from others’ experiences, possibly via books or handy digital devices. However, nothing can be compared to seeing it with their own eyes and experiencing it themselves. For example, travelers can only talk to local people, practice their traditions and truly get immersed into their culture if they actually take a trip to that country. What I’m trying to say is that TV and virtual experiences can be equally fascinating but they can’t really replace actual journeys. So,I believe traveling abroad is rewarding despite being unnecessary for learning purposes.

Is national identity/ cultural identity important? 

Absolutely. And the main reason is that it can provide local people with a sense of belonging and a sense of origin. Also, it sets countries apart from each other and makes the world diverse and amazingly beautiful. People travel thousands of miles away from home just to experience another culture and climate, which makes life more varied and fascinating.  The bottom line is that cultural identities and national identities in general should be treasured but extreme nationalism or chauvinism should be avoided as it can threaten world peace. 

Do you think having foreign friends is a good way to learn about other countries?

Definitely. They would give us valuable insights into their way of life, like food, traditions and customs. Learning about another culture in a direct manner like this can be of immense help because stereotypes and misperception can be avoided. Native people know their country inside out so they’re in a better position to explain and clarify any misunderstandings or assumptions about their nation.

Do you think it’s important to learn about the culture of a country before visiting it? (xem topic Vacation)

Absolutely, it is essential to learn about the destination country as much as we can before our trip. This helps lessen the negative impacts of a possible culture shock. Also, by showing our understanding and respect of local traditions and customs, we can avoid unnecessary embarrassment. For instance, in western cultures, wearing tees and shorts at religious sites or entering houses without removing shoes are totally acceptable but in some Asian countries, these practices might be considered inappropriate or disrespectful. It is therefore crucial to do some searching in advance.

Do people in Vietnam like to work in an international company?

Oh, they do. Most fresh graduates long to work for a giant multinational corporation like Unilever or P&G. Maybe because of their glamor and reputation, you know. It must be quite something to be part of a huge enterprise that is recognized all over the world. These companies have been around for a while so they could provide employees with a sense of pride, stability and structure. People can easily see their career ladder when joining an established business. Above all, global businesses often have abundant resources to invest in their staff. They tend to offer more attractive benefit packages that cover health insurance, paid holidays and retirement plans.

What abilities are required for working in international companies?

Without a doubt, a global work environment is highly demanding. Firstly, people must display excellent command of the language used, which is usually English. Secondly, they should be proficient at cross-cultural communication skills. This would enable them to collaborate with their co-workers from other countries smoothly and effectively. On top of that, they should be proactive and open-minded. Only with this mindset, can they survive and thrive in a multinational corporation. 


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