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Ielts Speaking Part 3 Colour

Ielts Speaking Part 3 – Colour Topic – Sample Answers band 8.0 by DUONG VU – Ielts Speaking Book Full 3 parts by Duong Vu – IDV: – Learn Ielts Speaking Band 8

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  • What colours do Vietnamese people like?

Personally, I think red and yellow are two most widely- preferred colours in Vietnam. Red is associated with love, luck, fortune and prosperity while yellow is synonymous with happiness. Blue, ivory white and cream are also increasingly popular since they are mild colours, extremely pleasing to the human eyes.

  • Why don’t people wear clothes in catchy colours in the workplace?

Obviously, colours that are shiny or too bright like neon colours draw attention of people. As a result, they might get distracted from work and become unproductive, which is detrimental to the business. Also, these colours seem inappropriate for formal attires and they are typically not allowed in professional dress code.

  • Is men or women better at choosing a colour scheme for their house?

Well, while women can be gurus in fashion, I don’t think they are any better than men in choosing a colour scheme for their house. People should seek professional advice from a trusted architect or designer because such scheme isn’t just for aesthetic purpose. It can have significant impacts on people’s mood and quality of life in general.

  • Are colours important in business?

Absolutely, each colour is associated with a special meaning. Some can boost mood or increase trust while others may arouse negative feelings such as cynicism or distrust. It is therefore essential for businesses to pay attention to the colours of their logos, offices and of course their products. If their packages are not catchy enough or use inappropriate colours, they might fail to get noticed and selected by consumers.

  • What colours are suitable for food products?

Typically, yellow and its other shades such as cream and orange are considered most appropriate for food products. These colours are associated with energy and pleasure, which I believe is what people seek in eating.

  • Should course books have coloured pictures? Why?

Definitely, they should have. Textbooks in plain black and white colours seem too dull and boring to capture students’ attention. They might be more focused and engaged in their study if their books contain colourful and exciting images.

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