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Ielts Speaking part 3 Difficult Thing – Challenge

Ielts Speaking Part 3 topic A Difficult Thing, Something Difficult – Challenges– Sample answers by Dương Vũ Ielts Speaking Book band 8 full 3 parts – Học Ielts Speaking band 6, 7, 8 – Sách tự học Ielts Speaking tốt

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  • Should children have challenges?

Definitely. Hardship makes people stronger I believe. If children have an easy and indulgent life, they won’t be able to compete effectively in the future. Even worse, they would become a dependent, lazy and worthless individual. If young people have confronted some kinds of challenges and obstacles when growing up, they tend to develop better problem – solving skills, critical thinking skills and resilience.

  • What challenges do children face?

Well, most of them have to struggle with studying and peer pressure. Nowadays, most parents expect a lot from their children and push them really hard so that they can obtain outstanding academic achievements. This might put them under enormous pressure, leading to sleep deprivation and other severe mental problems such as anxiety and depression. Apart from this, young people are highly vulnerable to peer pressure. They might become a victim of bullying or stress themselves by striving to have what their rich fellows have.

  • What challenges is the world facing?

That’s a tough question really. To be honest I have never truly paid close attention to international news or global concerns. Recently, however, I heard everyone talking about climate change, environmental pollution, medical crisis and economic downturn all over social media so I guess they must be what humans are struggling with.

  • Who should be responsible for them?

I believe the governments, businesses and individuals should all have a fair share of responsibilities in addressing these problems. For example, if policy makers come up with brilliant laws and regulations on environment protection but people fail to obey them or aren’t willing to mitigate their ecological footprints, then there wouldn’t be any significant progress. Everyone is leaving an impact on the earth, so without collective efforts, nothing can be solved I believe.

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