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Ielts Speaking Part 3 Business Topic

Ielts Speaking Business Topic Part 3 – Sample Answer from Ielts Speaking Book 2020 by Duong Vu:

  • Do Vietnamese people like to work for a company or run their own business?

I think most people would love to run their own business but they are unwilling to take risk. Starting a business and making it big is no easy task and obviously is not for those who are faint-hearted or easy to give up. In practice, people usually choose the other way that is more stable – working for a company or an organisation.


  • Why do people want to run their own business?

The way I see it, business owners can enjoy the ultimate freedom to do whatever they love and in whatever way they prefer. Being able to pursue their passion is challenging but at the same time extremely rewarding. Another significant motive is money. They are entitled to all the profit they earn from their business. With financial freedom, obviously they can lead a happier and more fulfilling life.


  • What makes a good manager?

I believe the most important quality of a great manager is their ability to motivate people. They lead by example and inspire others to become the best they can be. Apart from this, they know how to connect people together in a team and create an open, friendly, supportive and productive working environment.

  • How has technology affected businesses?

Apparently, technology has transformed the way people do business. Thanks to cutting edge machines, gadgets and communication systems, commercial activities can now be carried out faster, more conveniently and more efficiently. The Internet, for example, has accelerated the speed of business transactions and created an enormous platform on which people can sell, buy and advertise their products and services to the global market easily, effortlessly and cost-effectively.

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