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Ielts Speaking Part 3 A Large Company

Ielts Speaking Part 3 A Large Company – Business Topic – Sample Answers by Duong Vu:

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– Do you want to work for a large company?

Oh, I used to. When I was a fresh graduate, just like my peers, I longed to work for a giant multinational corporation. Back then, I actually had no clear idea why. Everyone was wishing the same and so was I. Maybe because of their glamour and reputation, you know. It must be quite something to be part of a huge enterprise that is recognized all over the world. Now, I’d prefer small and medium sized companies because they offer an open, friendly and flexible working culture.


– What are the biggest companies in Vietnam? What kinds of industry they belong?

Let me see. There is a host of corporations with thousands of employees in Vietnam such as VNPT, Viettel, Vingroup and FPT. Some of them are state-owned and some are private but it’s clear that they are all market leaders. They operate in a wide range of industries including construction, telecommunication, retailing, manufacturing and IT (I mean Information & technology).


– Why do young people want to work for a large company?

Well, as I mentioned, the most obvious reason is because people can take pride in the size and popularity of such corporations. Large companies have been around for a while so they provide their employees with a sense of stability and structure. People can easily see their corporate career ladder when joining an established business. On top of that, giant enterprises often have abundant resources to invest in their staffs. They tend to offer more attractive benefit packages that cover health insurance and retirement plans.


– What are the differences between small and large companies?

The way I see it, large organisations seem more stable and have greater financial resources but their operations can be slow and rigid with onerous procedures. Small and medium firms, on the other hand, tend to more agile and flexible. They can get things done more quickly and even more efficiently. However, their limited budgets do not allow them to invest generously in staff training or expensive marketing campaigns. This is definitely a huge drawback when it comes to talent attraction and retention.


– What are benefits large companies bring to its customers?

Apparently, people all like to deal with the leading businesses on the market. They have successfully become the leaders for a reason you know. The first definite advantage is that their brand can be seen as a guarantee of top quality and customers can stay worry-free when buying from them. Also, huge enterprises have ample money to invest heavily on enhancing customers’ experience. That’s why they are able to win people’s heart, delight them and keep them as their loyal fans for a long time.


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