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Ielts Speaking Part 1 Boredom

Ielts Speaking Part 1 Getting Bored Band 8.0 Samples from Ielts Speaking Book by Duong Vu:

Đây là topic mới trong bộ đề dự đoán Ielts Speaking Quý 2 2022 (May – August) và cả Ielts Speaking Forecast quý 3 2022 (September – December) nhé:

Do you often get bored?

Yes, I feel it every single day. My job is rather monotonous, I mean doing the same stuff day in day out. It’s fair to say that boredom has become my companion now. I guess I’m getting used to it.

When do you often feel bored?

I tend to get bored when I have to do tedious tasks every day, which is unfortunately part of my job. As well as this, I always get bored to death when it’s raining coz I can’t go out for a change, like a walk or something like that.

Did you get bored at school?

Sure. I always wonder how I’ve managed to survive so many boring classes from primary school to high school. I bet that if you had studied in Vietnam, you would have felt the same. School curricula in Vietnam used to focus solely on rote learning and theoretical knowledge, and I’ve never been good at memorizing things.

What do you do when you get bored?

I used to try to get rid of this feeling by watching comedies in hope that they would cheer me up. They did but I would end up wasting hours on Youtube or Tiktok and feeling guilty afterwards. Now I try to handle it more nicely by taking a break or doing something creative. I’ve realized that boredom can spark inspiration and creativity, which is really eye-opening to me.

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