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Ielts Speaking Geography Part 1

Ielts Speaking Part 1 Geography – Band 8.0 Samples from Ielts Speaking Book by Duong Vu:

Đây là topic mới trong bộ đề dự đoán Ielts Speaking quý 3 2022 nên sẽ được giữ lại sang bộ đề dự đoán Ielts Speaking quý 1 2023 các bạn nhé:

  • Do you like geography? 

If we’re talking about a subject, I would say no. Though I’m passionate about traveling the world, I’ve never been into geography. I always feel that it’s just a subject I had to pass at school.  

  • When did you learn geography?

If my memories serve me right, I started learning geography at grade 6. Back then, I was bored to death with my geography classes because other than reading the boring textbooks and a world map, our teacher made no effort to make our lessons more stimulating.

  • Are you good at reading maps? 

Yes and no. I’d say that I’m quite good at reading a digital map because I can easily zoom it out. With paper maps, however, I might have difficulty interpreting them since my spatial thinking is not very sharp.

  • Would you visit a country because of its geographical location?

Of course. A country’s location can have profound impacts on its climate and landscape which set it apart from others. I have been dreaming of setting foot in far-flung corners of the world, especially Arctic countries like Iceland and Norway, which have exotic aurorae, I mean the Northern Lights.

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