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Ielts Speaking An Indoor Game Activity

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Well, I feel incredibly fortunate to be born and grow up in the countryside where we had unlimited space to play, have fun and discover the world around us. We used to make our own toys and come up with our own games.

I remember only playing indoors when it rained. Our favourite activity to play inside was “choi do hang” – literally meaning “Let’s be a family”. As its name suggests, this game is very simple and spontaneous. However, you cannot play it on your own but as a team. Each member was assigned with a role such as mother, father, uncle, aunt, sister and brother. There were no rules, all we needed to do is to act accordinglyWhile the dad was working strenously on the field, the mum would be taking care of a garden. We would pretend to harvest rice and vegetables and then had fun preparing a meal together. Actually, we took some ingredients from our kitchen and put in tiny pots made of clam shells and cooked on a little clay oven with some bamboo sticks on top. The kids were in charge of setting tables and doing the dishes. From time to time, we would make an extra effort to organize a little market fair where we could shop for more expensive food like shrimp and pork. I especially loved the bargaining part which was truly a blast.

This game is my childhood. No matter how many times we played it, we could never get tired of it. Looking back, I find this activity fascinating and educational at the same time. It has instilled in us the values of hard-work, kindness and teamwork, and of course an endless love for our family.

IDIOM: At the same time/  In charge of   /    From time to time 

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