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Ielts Speaking Air Pollution Part 3

Ielts Speaking Part 3 Air Pollution – SAMPLES 8.0 FROM IELTS SPEAKING BOOK 8.0 BY DUONG VU 8.5 IELTS  :

Đây là topic mới trong bộ đề dự đoán Ielts Speaking quý 1 2023 nên sẽ được giữ lại sang bộ đề dự đoán Ielts Speaking quý 2 2023 các bạn nhé:

Do you think air pollution in Vietnam is serious?

Yes, I’d say so. Major cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have unhealthy air quality for most days of the year, especially in winter when particulate matter and other pollutants are trapped in dense fog and cannot rise above or be diffused to other areas. No doubt, the number of Vietnamese people with severe respiratory problems has been increasing rapidly over the last decades. Of course, this is quite an urban thing, I mean rural areas typically don’t suffer from air pollution.

Why do you think the air in cities is more polluted than in the countryside?

Because there isn’t a high concentration of people and vehicles like cars and trucks in the countryside. I believe exhaust fumes from transport activities are the main source of air pollution. Again (=But), there are certain villages or small towns that are heavily affected by poor air due to their huge number of factories that burn fossil fuels like coal for energy.  

How can air pollution be solved? Who should solve it?

First of all, the government should take immediate actions to tackle (alleviate) nationwide air pollution. They should invest more in renewable energies such as wind and solar power to mitigate fossil fuels burning. Additionally, it’s critical for policymakers to impose stricter laws on carbon emissions of factories.

Besides, individuals can mitigate their carbon footprints by choosing energy- efficient products, following sustainable shopping habits and lifestyle. It can be just as simple as switching off the lights when they are not in use. Most importantly, they should be willing to give up private vehicles and take public transport instead as well as take fewer flights to go on holidays.

Do you think companies should be forced to reduce pollutants?

Yes, of course. Industrial activities in manufacturing or construction discharge massive amounts of hazardous waste into the atmosphere. Without stricter laws, they might not invest in systems or equipment for proper waste treatment as they tend to cut costs to maximize their profit….

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