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Ielts Speaking A uniform you wear

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I’m going to tell you about an occasion I had to wear a uniform but for neither school nor work. It was my best friend’s wedding and she insisted on all bride maids wearing pink “Ao dai cach tan”, a modernized version of the Vietnamese traditional dress.

The party was held in peak season so everything had been prepared several months in advance. My friends was so meticulous to have all the dresses tailored to our measures instead of purchasing ready-made items. No wonder, when mine came out, it fitted me like a glove. I had worn the traditional Ao dai a few times and while I found it extremely flattering and elegant, it is far too complicated with all kinds of buttons. In contrast, this modern version is super comfortable and easy to wear. The waist is not too tight and all buttons have been removed, so it takes just few seconds to put it on. The thing is on the day before the wedding, I realized I had lost some weight and needed to have the dress altered a bit. I immediately took it to a nearby tailor shop for a last-minute modification and fortunately it was perfectly fixed. The wedding photos came out amazing partly thanks to these gorgeous uniform dresses.

I always feel awkward and uncomfortable in uniforms since I love diversity. Also, wearing pink is not my style. This time, however, I didn’t mind looking the same as others. I did all this for my dearest friend. It was her big day after all.

IDIOM:    fit me like a glove  / after all

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