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Ielts Speaking A team – teamwork topic

Bài nói mẫu, câu trả lời mẫu Ielts Speaking part 2 và 3 topic A team in which you are a member (work/ sport)

Sample Band 8 from Ielts Speaking Book by Dương Vũ – Full Sample 3 Parts + Hướng dẫn trả lời chi tiết part 1, 2, 3 :

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I remember taking part in countless group activities during my 4 years at university. The most unforgettable of them all is a team assignment for the Global Marketing subject. Our class was divided into 10 groups to make presentations on the “International Market Penetration Strategy” module. Each group was assigned with a case study, a country, and ours was Columbia.

It was tough for me, really. The country was completely unfamiliar, preparation time was short and on top of that, other members were those I rarely hanged out with in the class. Our first meeting was rather chaotic. We argued with each other for most of the time and failed to reach an agreement on what product to export. Everyone prefered to go their own way and no one volunteered to be in charge.

We had only 5 days left and I couldn’t just sit still. I took all my courage and volunteered to be the team leader. I spent a whole night drafting out a detailed plan and an agenda. The following meeting was super productive and to my surprise, everyone had intriguing points to contribute. We finally agreed on an outline and on who would cover which parts, as well as a deadline for their submission. We even managed to organize a rehearsal to make sure everything would go smoothly.

Eventually, the big day came; it was time to shine and we did. Our group was awarded the most outstanding presentation by both our lecturer and other classmates. I still feel on top of the world when reminiscing about this unexpected outcome. It has shown me how important teamwork is, and that having different perspectives in a team can truly make a difference.

IDIOMS: be in charge / feel on top of the world / make a difference

PART 3: (gợi ý keywords các bạn tự hoàn thiện câu trả lời)

  • Is teamwork important?


For organisations: teamwork boosts efficiency and productivity. More people bring more knowledge, talents and skills, thus get more things done in a shorter amount of time.

For individuals: offers perfect opportunities to broaden their horizon, to sharpen their communication skills, or simply to make friends…

  • How can people learn teamwork skill?

At home: parents should guide & set examples for their children by doing chores together, play in team outdoors…

At school: join team activities: sports/ music/ drama / volunteer clubs

At work: keep an open mind and positive attitude, be willing to work & support others

  • Which is more important in team sports? Individual victory or team victory?

Team victory obviously. If focus on individual achievement => compete against each other/ not support others => destroy the whole team’s effort. Unity can create magic.

  • What makes a good team?

A good leader with a clear vision

Supportive & friendly members with different perspectives, talents & skills

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