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Ielts Speaking A place to relax

Ielts Speaking Part 2 A place to relax cue card – Sample Answer in Sách Ielts Speaking hay full 3 parts by Dương Vũ 2020

Đây là đề mới trong Bộ đề Ielts Speaking Quý 2 2020 sẽ được giữ sang quý 3 Ielts Speaking Forecast quý 3 2020  nhé.

Well, the first thing that came to my mind is my favourite coffee shop, a charming hideaway just a few-minute walk from my office. I’ve been a loyal guest of it for almost 8 years. Actually, it is quite popular among coffee fans in (Hanoi), especially those seeking a quiet place to relax, enjoy some quality “me” time or hang out with friends.

The café is housed on the second storey of a gorgeous colonial building right in the centre of Hanoi. There is a common misconception that the villa was built by the French. In fact, it used to be the home of a wealthy Hanoian family, making it a fascinating embodiment of Hanoi culture. It’s a little hidden away from the main streets so guests can enjoy an absolutely tranquil atmosphere here.

This little coffee shop makes a fantastic discovery for those who love wandering around like me. Whenever I get stressed or feel weary, I will find myself here getting lost in a book while sipping a cup of coconut coffee or lavender tea. Stepping into the house, I feel like escaping into another world where all daily worries and hustle and bustle are left behind. What I love the most about this place is its historic settings and cozy interiors. There are countless pieces of valuable antiques, mainly ceramic items on display here, which adds a lot of character to the house.

Overall, this little café is truly a treasure for me. It will forever be a refuge for my soul. It is extremely hard to find such a relaxing place in a bustling metropolis like (Hanoi) you know.

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