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Ielts Speaking A Large Company

Ielts Speaking Cue Card A Large Company – Sample Answer 8.0 – 9.0 in Ielts Speaking Book by Duong Vu:

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There are countless giant corporations around the world but I’d like to tell you about a Vietnamese holding group I had worked at. It consists of five different companies operating in tour, hotel, resort, cruise and transport services and creating work for thousands of local people.

What I admire the most about this corporation is that it has been built from scratch. Its founder is truly a self-made billionaire, a visionary entrepreneur and a distinguished leader. He strongly believes in the concept of responsible business and inspires his staffs to treat their clients and the environment with utmost respect. Most of their hospitality properties are eco-friendly. Customers are put at the very heart of their business and keeping them happy is their top priority. These core values have enabled them to deliver consistent top -class service, create an outstanding corporate culture and eventually become a market leader.

At the same time, the companies place great emphasis on team building and staffs’ personal growth. I remember we would go on a holiday every 6 months and there were countless games and activities to take part in and had a fantastic time together. Most importantly, despite its size, the corporation always maintains a family-like work environment based on mutual care, support and respect.

Overall, I’m deeply impressed with the way this business is run. They truly live up to their reputation.

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