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Ielts Essay Parents Spend Less Time with Children Band 8

Today parents spend little free time with their children. Why is it the case? Who are more affected: parents or children?

Dạng Two-Part Question


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Causes: There is more than one reason why parents are spending less time with their offspring.

  • Due to escalating living costs, both parents are now busy pursuing a successful career, which demands a great deal of time and effort. Most women are working eight hours a day, and thus can no longer be a full-time caregiver. Adults might reassure themselves that if they could earn sufficient money to afford their child the chance to participate in high-quality extracurricular activities and extra classes, their working overtime would be justifiable. In fact, they are depriving their children of invaluable family time.
  • Another significant factor is probably the distraction caused by Hi-tech gadgets which most family members tend to get addicted to. A recent survey has found that on average, children in the UK spend twice as much time on their mobile phones as conversing with parents. 

Effects: Turning to potential effects, while parents seem only slightly affected by this phenomenon, there might be a range of long-lasting adverse impacts on their offspring.

  • Firstly, children tend to have few opportunities to bond with parents and absorb precious moral values as well as life lessons from them. 
  • Losing connection and emotional support of family might put young people at risk of developing critical mental illnesses such as anxiety disorder and depression.
  • Secondly, they might feel abandoned or neglected, which can give rise to their rebellious or anti-social behaviour.
  • Finally, they are likely to be influenced by detrimental peer pressure or get addicted to gadgets and games, leading to poor academic performance and social competence.
  • In conclusion, working parents are now too busy to spend sufficient time with their little ones. Nothing can compensate for this lost time and a severe lack of it can undermine children’s progress at schools and their moral and emotional development. 


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