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Ielts essay Online News Influence Band 9

These days, news sites have an enormous influence on people’s ideas and opinions. What are the reasons for this ? Is this a positive or negative development?

Dạng bài: Two-part question

IELTS ESSAY SAMPLE BAND 8.0 – 9.0  FROM IELTS WRITING 8.0 BOOKS BY DUONG VU 8.5 Ielts – 8.0 WRITING (2 lần 2021 – 2023):

Online news is becoming increasingly popular in modern life/ in the digital world. It can now exert tremendous influence on the way people think. There are several reasons for this phenomenon and I consider it an undesirable development. 

Perhaps, the underlying / primary / principal reason for this is technological advancement. The availability of the Internet and digital devices has allowed/ enabled people to access online news anywhere anytime. Therefore, the number of people using news sites on a frequent basis is rising dramatically, meaning that more people are influenced by them. Particularly, social media is probably the key factor in this phenomenon.  The algorithms of these platforms allow sensational news to go viral, reaching millions of users in an instant. Indeed, social media is the driving force of online news’ robust growth and its sheer power. Furthermore, users of these sites usually follow the accounts of influential celebrities or key opinion leaders who can have profound impacts on their fans. News shared/ published by these high-profile personalities can be easily considered official or trustworthy.  

From my perspective, this trend has far more drawbacks than advantages. Although easy access to online news might promote the freedom of speech and expression, the increased power of news sites can have serious repercussions for individuals and societies. Firstly, the prevalence of online news might give rise to fake news. During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, for instance, misinformation about the side effects of Covid -19 vaccines were rapidly spread on social media, which undermined people’s trust and the global effort to combat the virus. Secondly, the rising power of unverified news on the Internet might exacerbate cyberbullying. Take the case of Sulli, a Korean singer as a prime example, media portals regularly published news of her personal life, attracting a massive number of hateful comments and criticism.

In conclusion,…

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