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Ielts Essay Mental strength or Physical strength Sports

Some people think that mental strength is the most important factor for success in sports. However, others believe that being physically strong is more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Topic: The role of mental and physical strength in sports success – Dạng bài: Both Views


Very few athletes in the world have reached the pinnacle of their sports and the key factors behind their great achievements have remained a contentious debate. Some claim that mental health is paramount to sports  success while others argue that physical health is of greater significance. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument and then I will give my own perspective. 

On the one hand, it is irrefutable that mental health is a key factor in professional sports success. When athletes are mentally strong/ mentally tough, they can effectively deal with pressure from intensive training, undesirable feedback and insurmountable challenges on their journey to conquer major international competitions. Furthermore, mental toughness can also boost their stamina and resilience. With strong willpower, they are more likely to overcome the hardship of rigorous training and the temptation of giving up. This means that they are more likely to accomplish their desired career goals such as winning the golden medal at the Olympic Games.

On the other hand, there are convincing reasons for people to attach/ place greater importance on physical prowess (*attach st to ST). Firstly, physical fitness is a prerequisite for professional sports. If people are frequently ill or have chronic diseases such as obesity and hypertension, they might find it hard to pursue a career in this field.  In addition, most sports are physically demanding / require a high level of fitness. A football game, for instance, usually lasts an hour and a half, and involves a great deal of running. Therefore, the team with greater physical strength might stand a better chance of winning. 

In conclusion,…

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