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Ielts Essay Band 9 Free Trade

Some people think that any country should be able to sell their goods to other countries without any restrictions. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Disagree – Counter Argument 

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International trade is of paramount importance to the economic development of any nation. It has even been proposed that any country should be allowed to export goods and services to others without any barriers. I disagree with this assertion because free trade in its purest form might have serious repercussions for national economies.

Admittedly, completely free trade might  offer dazzling economic benefits. It enables countries to focus on what they do best and just import the rest from others. This means that many economies could thrive on their competitive advantages and the global economy would become more efficient. Besides, consumers can also reap the benefits of imported goods that are seemingly more affordable than their domestically-produced counterparts.

However, I believe the free trade policy cannot create a level playing field for all nations as expected. Countries such as the United States or China seem to have an abundance of natural resources and a highly skilled workforce while many in Africa lack both. If these African nations had no measures such as tariffs or quotas to prevent low-cost imports flooding their domestic markets, their economy would suffer from not only a trade deficit but also an economic recession. This would lead to  …=> Buy our book to access full essays:

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