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Ielts Essay 8.5 School Subjects for Teenagers

Some people believe that teenagers should focus on all school subjects equally. Others think that teenagers should only concentrate on subjects that they are good at or find interesting. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Topic: High school subjects – Dạng bài: Both Views


The question as to what subjects should be taught in high school have remained a contentious topic. Some claim that they should concentrate on a wide range of subjects equally while others argue that they should only study what they excel in or are interested in. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument and then I will give my own perspective.

On the one hand, a well-rounded curriculum is beneficial for young people. It enables them to acquire extensive knowledge about many fields, including art, science, economics and history. This means that they might later become more versatile and efficient in the workplace because they can perform well in different jobs or apply their knowledge about multiple areas to their work, which is crucial in this dynamic and ever-changing world. Furthermore, teenagers exposed to many subjects early on are more likely to find their real interests. Young people tend to be unaware of what they like or are good at, and thus if they are allowed to choose only a few subjects to study, they might end up selecting the wrong ones.

However, there are convincing reasons for adolescents to focus only on subjects they have aptitude for or find interesting. Firstly, following a narrow curriculum means that young people are under less academic pressure as opposed to having an extensive learning program. They do not have to spend a great deal of time studying or revising / cramming for exams, and therefore can enjoy better mental health. In addition, when they study subjects that match their intellectual ability and interests, they tend to be more engaged in class, achieve outstanding academic performances and become experts in their fields. This will give them a definite advantage when they enter the world of work (the labor force).

In conclusion,…


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